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Cape Coral Branch

At Land Home Financial Cape Coral, we absolutely love to help people realize their home dreams. Offices of Matt Pfeiffer, Scott Kopko and team are single-focused on accomplishing what is required to get every person approved and into their new home.

Social Survey Land Home Financial ReviewsPart of our story lies within the hearts of those benefitting from our dedication to their lives, from the day they decide to start looking for a home to the moment they take the keys to their new place! Life is a journey and goes by fast – it’s meant to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest every moment of breath.


Verified 5-Star Google Review RatingsAllow us to be part of your story – hear from others below that have experienced the difference in a true Direct Community Lender. We look forward to hearing your story…

social survey Matt Pfieffer“Scott was very helpful during whole home loan process. He was very professional and knowledgeable and I would strongly recommend his services.”

— Timothy

social survey Matt Pfieffer“Scott made my dreams come true! My family and I are in a new home because of their home loan and we absolutely love it. Thanks Mr. Scott, you are THE MAN! He gave me the perfect guidance and was super clear on everything I had asked him. We thank you again!”

— Roberto

social survey Matt Pfieffer“This is my second time working on a mortgage consultation with Scott and it was once again a breeze. He told me what I needed to send in and it was a pretty simple procedure. The first home I bought was 2 years ago and Scott was great! Now I just refinanced the same home and it was everything I expected…simple. Thanks Scott for helping once again! He also helped my coworker buy his first home also.”

— Jason

social survey Matt Pfieffer“I am grateful for all the hard work Scott did on my behalf at our home loan consultation. This was a financial turning point for me and it was a long time coming.A big thanks to all of the Cape Coral team efforts and dedication to allow the purchase of our new home.”

— Tatyana

social survey Matt Pfieffer“Scott was very helpful with our mortgage application and always communicated with us! He also gave updates as to what was needed in order to process our application smoothly and on time.”

— Marcos

I speak very highly to my friends and family about Scott’s level of service that he provided. He not only answered all my home loan questions he also always answered the phone; even on his days off. Scott was able to get us in a home we never thought we could own!!! Scott is simply amazing!!”

— Troy

social survey Matt Pfieffer“Matt stepped up and went above and beyond on my home mortgage process and gave me options I didn’t even know I had. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

— Scott

social survey Matt Pfieffer“Scott was caring and a pleasure to work with! He put a personalized touch on my mortgage consultation. He is extremely knowledgeable about mortgage applications and truly helped make my dream home a reality. Thank you Scott for all your help!”

— MaryAnn

social survey Matt Pfieffer“Scott was an excellent mortgage consultant to work with. He had great communication and was very timely on responding to any questions. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone looking for a home loan consultation. He is an asset to your organization.”

— Janis

social survey Matt Pfieffer“Scott spent a good amount of time on my file and all my home loan questions. He did his job very well and in a timely manner; any process that we went through he was there to explain all of the intricacies of buying a home, made them easier to understand and I am happy with my purchase through land home financial service. I’m a first time buyer and I am ready to enjoy home ownership!”

— Dustin